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5 massage & spa shops with in Bangkok

The problem that every office worker faces is the fatigue from working, as they have to sit at a computer desk for long hours. Physical and mental exhaustion lasts the whole week, and even on weekends, there’s a desire to relax and clear one’s mind. Today, we will take everyone away from the chaos and accumulated stress from work, and go to a massage and spa  in Bangkok. This will help alleviate muscle aches and relieve stress, getting everyone ready to face Monday morning that is approaching

Massage is a form of therapy that helps the body feel more comfortable, reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation, and improves blood flow. It also helps different muscle groups function better. Whenever you feel your body starting to ache, whether you’re standing or sitting, it’s a signal that you need to quickly restore your body. Remember that the body doesn’t have spare parts to replace, so if it breaks, it needs long-term care.Massage is considered a form of therapy from the beginning. When you are ready, let’s take a look at reviews of 5 spa centers in Bangkok and see what each center’s unique selling points are.

Panpuri Wellness is a massage and spa center in Bangkok, located in a luxurious atmosphere. 

Panpuri Wellness
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก : PAÑPURI

“Panpuri Wellness” is a 360-degree organic spa that emphasizes holistic health care. Located in the heart of Bangkok, this spa offers stunning panoramic views and is considered a complete beauty spa. You can choose to use the Private Onsen if you want privacy, and we offer various types of massages. It’s not just about relaxation with aromatherapy massages, but we also offer pressure point massages, Indian head massages, foot massages, and sports massages. Along with beauty treatments to reveal healthy-looking skin, Panpuri Wellness is a luxurious spa in Bangkok that provides services tailored to each individual’s needs. It helps to reduce stress and accumulated fatigue throughout the week.”

Borisud Pure Spa by Mode Sathorn Hotel offers a well-balanced beauty experience.

Borisud Pure Spa
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก : Mode Sathorn Hotel

Borisud Pure Spa – We are ready to offer you the best.  From head to toe, we provide various massage and spa services directly from our expert therapists who have carefully created the best exclusive formulas. We offer packages that cater to different skin types, and all our products are made from natural ingredients without any chemicals. You can relax naturally here 100%. Relax and relieve stress in the luxurious infrared sauna room with the most exquisite Jacuzzi. Or who will choose a normal steam room,  Skin mask, Make a spa for yourself. Borisud Pure Spa in Bangkok offers massage and spa services for everyone.

  • Location: Get off at Surasak station by bus or BTS, take exit 1 and you will see Mode Sathorn Hotel Bangkok. The spa is located on the 11th floor of the hotel.
  • Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
  • Phone : 2-623-4555
  • Website: Borisud Pure Spa
  • Map :

Montra Health Massage, Central World branch offers a complete range of massage and spa services

Montra Health Massage
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก : Montra Health Massage

Let’s take a look at some spas in Bangkok that are suitable for sporty men. For those who enjoy rigorous activities such as exercising, the Montra Health Massage branch in Central World provides professional-level massage services to relieve fatigue. It is suitable for those who want to massage specific areas to alleviate pain and fatigue throughout the body. There are various services available, including Thai massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, and back pain relief massage. In addition, there are also plenty of spa treatments available for women. Office workers who frequently complain about chronic back pain should try seeking help from the experts at Montra Health Massage, guaranteed to make a difference. On weekends, try inviting your partner to a spa session for a completely different atmosphere.

Tiger Massage is a massage and spa shop in Bangkok with affordable prices.

Tiger Massage Thonglor6
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก : Tiger Massage Thonglor6

When it comes to spas and massages, many people may think of luxurious and expensive spas, which sometimes prevent them from using the service because they are concerned about their financial condition. However, if you choose to use the service at “Tiger Massage,” you can be sure that you can save a lot of money here. You can get a massage every week because this is the cheapest spa in Bangkok. Even if you only bring less than a thousand baht, you can relax comfortably with a massage here.Tiger Massage is a Thai-style spa that makes you feel like you are in a Thai house in the old days. You can choose from Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, foot massage, and pressure point massage.Let me whisper a little secret that the shop has over 11 years of experience in Thai massage, so you can trust their skills.

OSS Lounge, Thonglor branch offers a Japanese-style hot sand bath.

OSS lounge
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก : OSS LOUNGE

I want to find a genuine Japanese-style massage and spa. Where should I go?Here is the OSS Lounge Spa, which is well-known for importing authentic Japanese sand bath. This massage and spa has been open in Bangkok for over 20 years. The sand used in the sand bath is 100% pure volcanic rock, which has excellent heat retention properties. The practice of using volcanic sand for spa treatments is an ancient art from Japan that helps you relax from accumulated fatigue, burn excess fat, and remove toxins from the body, resulting in deeper sleep. Any office syndrome sufferers should definitely choose to receive treatment here. We guarantee that after using our services, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable than ever before. 

  • Location: The shop is located at Soi Sae-ngoen, Thonglor 25. If you take the BTS to Thonglor station, you can call a motorcycle taxi or a taxi to take you directly to the shop.
  • Operating hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Phone: 02-712-8958, 02-712-8329
  • Facebook: ossthailandofficial
  • Map :

ดูรีวิวอื่นๆ ที่คุณอาจสนใจที่นี่

We have posted the coordinates of massage and spa shops in Bangkok for you to choose from. We guarantee cleanliness and direct service from experts. For those who feel tired, stressed, or face popular problems like office syndrome, it’s time to take care of yourself. Start by relaxing comfortably, getting a massage, and having a spa treatment to rejuvenate yourself. Even after working hard all week, it’s time to find happiness and indulge in yourself. Whether it’s after work or on your day off, you can arrange to pamper yourself at any time that is convenient for you.

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5 Bangkok Massage Shops for Tired Office Workers.

For city dwellers who have to work hard and spend hours in front of a computer every day, finding a massage shop in Bangkok to restore their body to its former glory may be necessary. Neck, shoulder, and back pain are common problems for young professionals today, regardless of age. You don’t have to wait until you’re older to experience this discomfort, it’s often referred to as “office syndrome.” Although massages may not be a direct cure, they can alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, let’s take a look at the 5 massage shops we would like to recommend in this article.

MIKI Beauty Relax, a massage shop in Bangkok with a cafe-like atmosphere

MIKI Beauty Relax
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Facebook : MIKI Beauty Relaxสปาขัดผิว ระเบิดขี้ไคล

For massage parlors in Bangkok, the first shop may not look like a massage parlor from the outside, as the decoration looks extravagant and has a design that looks more like a cafe. If you’re thinking you’re at the wrong shop, don’t turn back yet, because you’ve come to the right place.

MIKI Beauty Relax is a massage parlor that offers a variety of services. In addition to massages, they also offer various spa services. They offer a variety of massage styles to choose from, suitable for relaxing and beautifying at the same time. It is suitable for couples who want to hold hands and relax, with the men’s side massaging muscle tension and the women’s side being able to get beautiful treatments. The problem of waiting and arguing easily disappears at this shop.

De Rest Spa & Thai Massage is a massage shop that provides a premium atmosphere to welcome customers.

De Rest Spa & Thai Massage
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Facebook : De Rest Spa & Thai Massage

Next up is a Thai massage shop that exudes luxury but with prices that are surprisingly affordable. The highlight of this massage shop is its premium level of service, where you can receive care that you won’t find elsewhere. The massages focus on relaxation, including foot massages, neck massages, back massages, and even spa treatments and skincare treatments.

De Rest Spa & Thai Massage is a massage shop located in the heart of Bangkok that offers a wide range of promotions to choose from. If you want to use their services, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance, as sometimes during promotions, the shop can get quite crowded. So, if you don’t want to waste your trip, make sure to book a queue through one of the following contact channels:

Spalation Bangkok is a health massage shop located in the heart of Bangkok.

Spalation Bangkok
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Facebook : Spalation Bangkok สปาเลชั่น กรุงเทพ

Spalation Bangkok, located in the heart of Bangkok, is a subsidiary branch of a well-known massage shop in America. It may seem unusual for a Thai massage shop to be opened and operated by a foreigner in Thailand, but there is no need to worry because the owner is highly knowledgeable and experienced in massage, with over 20 years of experience. The shop’s slogan, “Because you are special to us,” highlights their dedication to providing exceptional service.

The interior of the shop is beautifully decorated with Thai elements such as golden bowls and Thai patterns in various corners. The warm color tones used throughout the shop help customers to relax both physically and mentally during the massage. The shop has many regular customers, including foreigners who enjoy coming to this shop for a massage. Therefore, it is recommended to call and make a reservation before visiting the shop. The prices are reasonable considering the atmosphere of the shop, and there are also promotions during various important occasions.

Let’s Relax, a famous massage shop with a new branch near BTS

Let's Relax Spa
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Facebook : Let’s Relax Spa

If you want to go to a massage shop in Bangkok, but have to be on the road due to traffic conditions, it may cause you to feel sore again from driving. Therefore, try to find a shop where you can get a comfortable massage without having to worry about transportation issues. The shop we recommend is “Let’s Relax”, which has up to 10 branches located throughout the country. The branch we are recommending is the Phaya Thai branch, which is very convenient to travel to as it is located next to BTS Phaya Thai. You can easily get off the train and have a massage right away.

The services at Let’s Relax are comprehensive and can help relax any tired or sore parts of your body. They also offer spa treatments provided by experienced and highly skilled therapists, ensuring that you receive an effective massage. Additionally, they use aromatherapy products to deeply relax the body, and they have been inspected and certified with the SHA symbol.

At Ease Massage & Spa is  non-toxic massage shop Ancient Thai healing science

At ease massage&spa
ขอบคุณรูปภาพจาก Facebook : At ease massage&spa

For this shop, it is a traditional massage center that primarily uses herbal treatments. With more than 10 years of experience in service, At Ease Massage & Spa is a shop that can be trusted for a real relief after a massage. Although the massage technique may seem like ancient Thai massage, the results that customers receive make them fall in love with the shop. One thing that is clearly visible is the use of herbal compress, which is rare to find these days.

In addition to being a massage shop in Bangkok, like all the shops we have introduced above, At Ease Massage & Spa also offers spa services such as skin polishing and rice enzyme baths. One of the highlights is that everything in the shop is chemical-free and sourced from farmers. Therefore, supporting this shop is also supporting Thai farmers at the same time.

ดูรีวิวอื่นๆ ที่คุณอาจสนใจที่นี่

If you’re someone who feels both exhilarated and exhausted, it’s time to take care of your body. Within the 5 massage parlors we recommend in Bangkok, it’s a solution for “Oi people” enthusiasts. Relaxation is important because the more you have to concentrate, the less you have to endure neck, back, and shoulder pain. Therefore, when you have free time, take 1-2 hours to get a massage, take breaks, get a massage, press points, and it won’t hurt anyone. The author is someone who has recently turned to professional massage and guarantees that trying it once will be unforgettable!

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