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8 most popular and coolest cafes in Bangkok that you must go check-in!

Think no more! Whether it’s a cappuccino or an espresso, we’ve gathered the 8 best coolest cafes throughout Bangkok for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and take photos in a beautiful atmosphere that suits your style. From natural and comfortable cafes to unique and cool minimalistic cafes, it will feel like you’re in a different country. You almost can’t tell that you’re taking photos in Thai cafes. Trust us, the stunning views will make you want to take hundreds of photos. Let’s take a look at which coolest cafes are interesting to visit.

Piccolo vicolo cafe’

Piccolo vicolo cafe'
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If you’re looking for a cafe with great ambiance, delicious coffee, and a variety of food options in Bangkok, then look no further than Piccolo Vicolo Cafe. Located in the Ratchathewi neighborhood, the decor of this cafe is truly stunning and feels very modern. It’s perfect for people who love taking photos or those who want to work privately, as the coolest cafes is very quiet and you can sit and relax all day without getting bored.

runthru.bkk coolest cafes

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The coffee shop in Bangkok has a clean and bright white tone, and it looks absolutely beautiful in photos. Clean freaks must not miss out on this coolest cafes, not only because the place looks great, but also because the coffee is brewed with a strong heart in every cup. If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys sipping coffee and taking photos, you’ll be in for a treat. You’ll be thrilled by the light that bounces off the walls and you’ll be able to capture many beautiful shots. Don’t miss out on this café, it’s definitely better than your average coffee shop.

  • Location: Located in Ngamwongwan area 47
  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 16:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, open 08:00 – 17:00)
  • Phone: 062-7756546
  • Map :

Natura Cafe

Natura Cafe
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For those who are looking for a natural café in Bangkok, this is the place to be – Natura Cafe, a green café that exudes a refreshing atmosphere, is a true embodiment of a natural café. It is perfect for city dwellers who face pollution every day. Just by visiting this café once a week, you can help refresh your lungs for sure. Good health starts with breathing in pure air. This café welcomes everyone.

OIKOS Cafe & Restaurant

OIKOS Cafe & Restaurant
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If you’re looking for a trendy Minimal cafe in Bangkok, then you have to visit OIKOS Cafe & Restaurant. This cafe is the newest addition to the Ekkamai neighborhood and boasts a stylish decor that’s perfect for taking Instagram-worthy photos. The pictures come out so good that they look like something a professional photographer would take of your kids. It’s a cafe that’s not very well known in Bangkok yet, but you can take pictures comfortably from different angles. For those who enjoy chilling in a peaceful atmosphere, this cafe is the perfect place to hang out. Whether you want to sip coffee, read a book, or work, you can spend the whole day there.

Mediterra Restaurant Bangkok

Mediterra Restaurant Bangkok
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Cafes in Bangkok with a foreign feel, giving off the vibe of sipping coffee in Italy. In addition to the deliciously fragrant coffee, this place offers a wide variety of food and drinks. Moreover, this cafe also serves as a bar at night. If you love taking pictures, you’ll definitely love this place. You’ll be able to take lots of pictures and still not run out of places to post on social media all year round. If you want to know just how beautiful this place is, you have to see it with your own eyes. You’re guaranteed to get pictures from every angle.

Americano cafe

Americano cafe
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The coolest café in Bangkok has to be here. No matter where you post about it, you’ll get every angle because the café is decorated in a 90s American Y2K style that everyone must not miss. It’s a café perfect for taking cool photos. You can dress up in any style when you come to this café. The more colorful, the more it matches the place. Anyone who likes to walk around and take photos to post on social media, or even to use as their own profile picture, this place is perfect for you.


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I never thought that there would be a Moroccan style café in Bangkok that could be so captivating like this. Anyone who comes here feels like they’ve been enchanted. It’s one of the few beautiful cafés in Bangkok that you can visit frequently without getting bored.For some people, they just come to take a photo once, but for here, you can come every day. Not only is the place beautiful, but the coffee is also of premium quality and specially selected. The price is not expensive compared to the quality and atmosphere you get. It’s definitely worth it.

Qottontale Cafe

Qottontale Cafe
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A newly opened orange-themed café in Bangkok located in Soi Ruamrudee is one café we highly recommend you visit. This café is renowned for its stylish décor and is perfect for taking beautiful pictures, especially when the sun shines through the natural light. It seems the café owner has put a lot of thought into the design, making it a must-visit spot where customers leave with many pictures to remember.

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We hope that photography enthusiasts will love all 8 cafes in Bangkok that we have compiled for you today. They are perfect for those who are looking for unique and trendy photo spots while enjoying a convenient travel and sipping on some delicious coffee in a beautiful atmosphere without wasting time searching on their own. We have carefully selected these cafes, and some of them even offer photography services for their customers who love to take photos but have no one to help them. We guarantee that you will love them, no matter what type of coffee lover you are. Check out our reviews, and we are sure that tomorrow you will have some stunning photos.

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